Yz125 should I buy

Hi I'm thinking about trading my car for 1998 yz 125 it looks good he says it runs good it has a pro circuit he says it only has 12 hours on rebuild should I trade for it are they good bikes what are some issues they have and really bad ones or are they generally good bikes


Unless your car is worth less than $5-700 bucks, I would run away from that deal.

1998 is a little old I wouldn't pay more than 1200 and that has to be in friggin good condition unlike most. Just like a car when bikes get that old stuff starts going wrong with them: bearing, bottom end parts etc. which can get very expensive. If you have the assets I recommend a yz125 from 2006 and up. Everything is just so much better. But besides that the yz125 has pretty much always been a great bike. 

How much money could you sell your car for ?

Prolly like 1200

Prolly like 1200

I think you would be getting the raw end of the deal IMHO.You could sell your car,,,,save $500.00-$600.00 and find an 04-06 model.It's also getting to be that time of year which is in your favor for bargaining a great deal on a bike.I think this bike will cause you more headache and $$$ than fun.Take your time and you'll find the right bike for the money.

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