2005 ttr125 carb swap to drz

New to the site, so hello to all.

I picked up a 2005 ttr 125LE a couple weeks ago. And true to form its choke was giving me fits. So i did a little research and reading all the post from here i went with the drz 125 carb swap. I went the cheap rought and got a $30 carb off amazon. The carb showed up 4 days latter already jetted and ready to go. Just out of curiosity I went and just put it in without out changing out the jets from the ttr carb.The only issue with the fitment was the new choke arm was hitting the fuel line. Easy fix, I just put a longer fuel line on. Moment of truth... turned on the gas and the choke, on the second kick she fired rite up. I had to adjust the idle screw a little bit but other than that. She wormed up quick and is running good, but she has a little flat spot in the low end.  My next adventure is gonna be to put the TTR's jets in the new carb and see how it goes. 

If the bike runs fine the way the carb is currently setup, changing the jets will not make it better. Either it is right or it is wrong. Jetting does not have to be perfect though, esp. on a bike like a TTR, so there is leeway.

Thanks for the tip - have been running with the drz carb in for weeks now (no jet changes) and she runs strong and happy :)

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