Electric Start Problem 2004 250x

Hey all,


    I have a 2004 crf250x on which the electric start is not working. It turns the motor over, but not fast enough to catch. And occasionally it will not do anything at all. I have replaced the starter relay switch, got a new battery, and the starter motor turns over with direct voltage to it. Not sure if it is a loose connection or frayed wire somewhere or what,I am very stumped on this one. The headlight also is not working, not sure if the two are related. Any input would be great, thanks.

There is a relay right beside the battery. Using a voltmeter test the voltage coming out of the side of the relay that feeds the starter. When I had a 250X I wasted money buying a new battery only to discover that the new battery did exactly the same thing as the old one-same problems as you. Intermittent no start, and slow starting engine. I got lucky in that the wire where it attaches to the relay had simply come loose and had a poor connection. Once I tightened the wire, it fired right up. So, check your relay for loose connections, and do a voltage test. If the relay is bad internally it won't pass enough juice to start the engine. This is of course if you are certain that there is nothing mechanically wrong with the engine. You said the engine turns over normally when you apply direct voltage to the starter so I'm assuming it is a starter/electrical issue and not something mechanical within the engine.

Okay that would make a lot of sense, and no nothing is wrong with the motor starts fine with the kickstarter. I'll take a look tomorrow and let you know what I find out, much thanks for the input. 

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