'08 YZ450F carb issues

I'm posting in behalf of a buddy of mine. His engine went south so while he was fixing it he did a 500cc conversion on it. He can't seem to jet it right although I keep pointing out some of his conflicting adjustments but anyways here it goes. He can't seem to find the right pilot 'cause when he starts to open the fuel screw all the way out the bike's RPM would not change so he started to increase the pilot size up to 3 or more sizes & the bike is behaving the same way. Then he points out that he needs to keep the sliding needle clip all the way in the top groove so the bike doesn't sputter as much. He has gone around this for a long time to the point he doesn't know how to get any ballpark settings. Can anyone give us some starting directions to work from?. Any help will be greatly appreciated




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