How to install turn signals?

I tried searching forums but found nothing on this.. I have a dual sport that already has a headlight and tail light, but no battery.


Can I buy a 12 V battery and mount it somewhere on my bike? And then hook this turn signal switch up to the battery? And then hook up some LED lights? Or does it not work that way? I I could spend $200 on a kit and be done with it, but that would basically break my wallet. Don't know what to do..

 It's a bit more involved. Baja Designs has dualsport kits that include everything you need. If you have a dualsport though, shouldn't it have come with signals and the necessary wiring? What model of bike?

Don't forget the brake switches and rear brake/running light bulb and harness.

You guys didn't read, he already has lights om the bike.

Easy answer is yes, you can simply by a battery, and wire up turn signals. It's very simple to wire, you will need a voltage regulator, flasher relay and switch as well as the battery and turn signals.

Runs led lights to save battery life and make sure to set it up so you cam plug in a charger without removing the seat.

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