Low seat on eBay

I'm possibly going to trade my sons 2004 Yamaha Raptor 50 for a CRF50 and the only concern I have is the seat height. I've done a ton of searching on here about lowering. I stumbled on low seats on eBay and was wondering if anyone had tried one? Let me know what you guys think.


TIA, Jason

I heard back from the seller on ebay and it is not a low seat. It is just stock height but they call it a low because they sell a tall seat. But @ $25 I might buy one and trim it down to a true low and save the original.

i bought a stock height and trimmed it down.  Yes, its Chinese quality, but yes, its also a crf50 and young kid.  So, after I realized we were just trying to get our son to putt around and enjoy himself and not win a pro national, I came to accept the seat is absolutely fine for what it does.  And at that price, you can cut it down and not feel too worried.  The covers are a little thin and will get a hole if poked, but again, its a 5 or 6 year old on a 50.  


Keep in mind the tall seats they also sell.  They are great to get another six months to a year on the bike before moving up to a 70 or a 65.

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