Headlight Slowly Dims

Hey everyone, I recently street legalized my KLX300R and have been riding it to work for the past week or so. I have been having an issue with the lights, The headlight will run well for probably 5 minutes, then starts to dim and continues until it might as well not be on, this also dims the tail light, and when the brake is applied it dims the headlight as well. When the headlight starts to dim the horn will not work, nor the turn signals. If I turn the headlight off for a bit, then back on it brightens back up for a bit then starts to dim again. Is it draining voltage too quickly? Should I just ditch the battery and hook everything up to the stator's AC voltage? Is my battery just too small? Would rewinding the stator help at all?



Sounds like you are over powering the system. Try running lower wattage bulbs, if not leds  Don't know why everytime I I go to tupe something, I get whatever tt deals out. Sux!

now without doing anything, font goes back to normal... Try running lower wattage bulbs. Leds in the tail/brake, Led in the headlight would be great too, if you can do it, otherwise a 35/35 bulb. Use hand signals instead of lights

I'm not sure what the wattage on the bulb is, it's just a cheap H4 from the parts store, probably 55w. I planned on an LED bulb for the tail/brake just haven't pulled the trigger yet

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