86 RM250 Engine Rebuild

Hey guys! Don't let the name fool you, I am indeed here for a Suzuki. Imagine a bike, bough in 1986. Blown up in 89. Rebuilt in 90. Ridden HARD for ~4/5 years, then never touched again. That's what I'm up against. My goal is not a complete overhaul, more so just getting it running. The carb was never drained, and is way beyond repair. The top end still has compression, and is not siezed. What do you think I'm looking at? My plan was to gut, clean, and put back together, but what do you guys think I would need to replace? Seals? Bearings? My first time diving into the bottom end, and I didn't want to find any surprises. I pulled off the water pump cover, and it was rust/goo water. Tranny oil was still golden. Sorry for the long post, not to good with wording. I wish I had pictures but I can't get any until Friday. Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Cmon guys, don't leave me hangin here

If the bike is worth it, I would just tear engine down go thru everything.  Hard for us to tell what you need, but the basics.... bearings, seals and gaskets would be the minimum. Things like gears, shift forks, a worn top end and a toasted clutch may balloon your budget. Do some homework and research parts availability and pricing....oem and aftermarket.


Check spark before you tear it down so you don't have any surprises later.


As far as a bike sitting for years, this is the usual result.....



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