1994 rm125. To buy or not to buy

I'd look at it, but make sure you take a good long look and ask plently of questions. Could be as simple as a fouled plug. He could have put the piston on backwards. I would offer no more than 250. If there's something seriously wrong, you may not be able to get parts, older rm's are a beach to get parts for.

Ok thanks that's awesome advice.. I'm a yamaha 4t guy tbh. I'm looking for a reasonably cheap 125 for my brother... he's a little far from me to go just look at it. As I'm close to lansing MI. I suppose another one will come along though.-_-:mellow:

One more piece of advice, I always steer clear from bikes with black plastics, especially if there spray painted black. That usually says it was owned by some kid, and most kids don't do maintenance, which ends up with you having to buy a lot of extra parts. But good luck with your search, make out well!

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