Favorite 125 and why ?

Mines is the yz125 but I'm currently on a cr and I love it power is a little but less people seem to bash them a lot but with a few cheap mods nice fuel and a good rider these bikes shredd I can straight gas up wheelie in all gears.... Comment yours and why ?

My fav is the cr 'cause I own one, but if I could, I'd probably get a yz

Just got back on a MX bike a few months ago. I picked up a 2002 Cr125. All stock except I added a 53t rear sprocket. I have never been on any other 125, so I don't have any authority in comparing other bikes to the CR. I do know that for me, the bike has plenty of power, you just have to know how to tap into it. The bike is great fun roosting around in the woods (53t helped a bunch) and catching air on the MX track. I love how light this bike feels. I would not fall for the reviews that say the motor sucks.....If your on a 125....why are you so worried about hp? 125s are about how sweet these bikes are to throw around.

My buddy's RM125 because that's the only 125 I've ridden. Really fun bike!

Based on my experience 10 years ago, the YZ 125 was a fun bike, but you can crash your brains in if you aren't careful.. that was a terrible summer. 


I've always been partial to Honda though.  My first hardcore dirt bike was a CR 500, and that bike withstood a two year pounding from hell from a 19 year old kid that didn't know much about maintenance.. more like he simply didn't take the time to maintain the bike.  But that Honda never once hiccuped unless it was my fault.  Not one DNF racing, no mechanical failures, etc except a few that were completely my fault (for example, throwing the chain because I didn't reinstall washers on the chain adjuster bolts). 


Also with the aluminum frame, I would opt for the Honda 125.  But since they haven't produced that bike for years (since 2006??), I wouldn't buy one.  I would only buy a bike that's not in production if I plan to keep it indefinitely as a project/collectble bike--like my buddy's 1997 Rex Staton KX 500.  Now THAT bike I would keep forever, and ride only a few times a year.

Most bikes are what you make them. Out of the box, a YZ but as it sat after owning mine, my 144 set up the way I liked it. 

I've always liked the RM and the KTM (mostly because I'm comfortable with KTM ergos).

yz..the sound


2002 RM125-  Its the only 125 I've owned but it is a great bike.

YZ. I've owned all the 125s and the yz was by far the best bike.

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