crf250r wont start, need help.

Hey guys i'm new to this forum, and I need some help with a bike. Its a 2007 Crf250r. First thing done to it was a compression, and leak down. Compression was over 100 psi with the auto decompression disabled, and the leak down was at about 40% leakage. I could hear the oil bubbling in the crankcase, and when I checked the oil it was very milky, and smelled like gas. I pulled the top end down, measured the cylinder and that was still within spec so I put new stock rings in. Put it all back together, and now it has low compression, wont start, and has only 20% leakage sounds like its coming from the exhaust. I have rechecked timing, and every time I set it and spin the motor over a few times the marks on the cam seem to be half a tooth off when the crankshaft marks are lined up. I know im doing something not quite right so any help would be appreciated. Thank you 

have you check your valve clearance

the intake has to be 0.5 and the exhaust has to be 0.10 you can check them with a fealor gauge if its anything below that you need new shims hope this helps :)

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