Best 250 2 stroke from 2002?

Ok, so here is the deal, I want a CA green sticker 2 stroke MX bike.


Which means i'm looking at a bike from 2002.


Let's assume money is no object.


What's the best 250 2t from 2002?


CR250, YZ250, KX250, RM250?


Or should I build a frankenbike?


CRF250X frame with a CR250 motor?


just got a 02 rm 250 few weeks ago, only been able to ride down street but I like the power compared to my 92, I got mine for 1300 with paddle and some oil, and yes its green stickrer

I'm partial to the cr, yz,and rm

I really like Kawasaki but they seem to blow up a lot, from what I read it seems like an 02 cr250 with an 01 motor would be a sweet bike.


My 02 CR pulls real hard. Some say it lacks some bottom end. Drop a tooth on the front sprocket and watch your arms stretch..

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