1994 YZ 80 Crankcase

I'm working on a 94 YZ80 - it had sat outside for many years untouched. I picked it up and and brought it home to work  on being told it turned over fine. Upon working on this bike i've found that it has a very dry feeling to the bearings when kicking it over - i've taken the cylinder off cause it wasn't seized and comfimed the dryness of the bearings. I put the bike upside down and drained out the water etc. that was in there. I've soaked the crankcase with Marvel Mystery oil trying the cheap way to fix, but still have the same outcome. Any ideas as to what i can do before tearing the motor down or would that be the best bet. Thanks to all answers.

i would clean it in a high pressure hot wash if you can find somewhere that does it. or even the dishwasher.......replace all the bearings and whatever else that doesnt look right or you just have a funny feeling about. good luck!

Thanks for the reply - i'm gonna split the cases and replace everything - better off that way

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