Rebuild Book

Looking for a good rebuild book, mainly top end, My interest are air cooled 4 strokes. Rebuilt a few but only know the basics to get by. Would like to be able to read the piston and bore. This comes from the fact that today at the Honda Shop, They asked if I had been cleaning the carbon build up with a bead blaster. I said no and they responded that the new compression would break away the carbon ruining my new rebuild.  It was then that I realized that I did not know enough about rebuilding

If you use the search feature here on TT , you will find heaps of info .

This is one reason why I stick to smokers.. sooo much easier to work on!

Thumpers aren't that hard to work on. 


Have you ever been through an engine before?  Most small engines are very similar to each other. 

A parts fiche and service manual are good things to have.  A friend that's good with engines is a good resource. 


Snowmobiles, generators, motorcycles... all done in my garage.  Do all the diagnosis on my truck, but the work's done by my mechanic (garage space, tools, lift, etc). 



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