Moto 6 $75 BRAND new at www..........

Brand new on close out.............



cant beat that ......I can always use a spare!

MOTO 6 Brain Bucket 75 BUCKS!!!!

Hey Huck, I give up... where'd you find it at?

Click on where it says Moto 6 Brain Bucket 75 Bucks!!! Hurry, only 5 in stock when I checked.


Thanks for the info. I just ordered one for my wife.

Moto 6 is a great helmet no doubt. I just got the Yamaha of Troy from Parts Unlimited and only paid $97 bucks. Not quite that good of a price ($75) but this helmet is light and very comfortable. I recommend this helmet for anyone especially at that price. Keep Rippin! :)

Thanks for the link Thumpin...Perfect timing for me...My helmet (face guard)shattered in a crash last week. Thanks again...


just checked it............

only 4 left!

ordered mine on sunday and it was shipped on monday AM!!!!

should be here today or tommorow! :)

I just ordered the last one (I think). They showed quantity of 1, but when I went to order they asked if I wanted 7 3/8 or 7 1/2. I got the 7 1/2. Anyone interested that could wear a 7 3/8, check it out.

Thanks for the tip, this is a great deal!!

Always glad to help out fellow TT'ers!

But I cannot take all the credit.

I found it on the crf side of the site.

Looks like those Honda's and Honda guys are good for something afterall!!!!!




I got mine 5 days later


I ordered 7 3/8 too and small!

I can get it on but a little tight.

Gettin' it off is a diff prob.

I have to stretch it as much as i can and it still gets hung up on my melon! :)

Should have went w/instincts and got the 7 1/2 or 7 5/8 ??????? :D

Anyone want to trade 7 3/8 for 7 1/2 or 7 5/8????

Got mine too. I bought the 7 1/2 and it fits great :) Did you get the e-mail confirmation of your order? You should call them.

Did anybody get one of these helmets yet? I ordered one on 12-18-2001 and have not received it yet. I emailed the guy but no response yet.

I got mine 3 days after I ordered it. Mine is a little small though, it hurts my ears. Its a 7 3/8..I should have ordered a 7 1/2. If anyone wants to buy it, I'll sell it a the same price (83.00)plus shipping.


I got a rude operator when I called but he was able to give me my UPS tracking number. It 4 business days, but they were two on either side of the Christmas holiday. I got the 7 1/2 and it's a little snug for my big melon, but I think it'll work out eventually. Quite a bit lighter than my Thor SVX helmet. Kinda goofy colors though.

I really do appreciate the tip!! I was close to plunking down $250 for a different helmet to go with my new riding gear (my old red one didn't match at all...).

You must have gotten the same operator as I did.

Rude is being nice about it!

I am pretty sure I wont ever buy anything there again. Acted like every quest. was a chore to answer!

pretty rude to the ppl that pay his check every month! :)

Anyone want to trade a 7 3/8 for a 7 1/2 or 7 5/8?????????? :)

I got mine yesterday. My helmet came in white. At least my wife won't have to look like a Jeremy McGrath wannabe.

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