How to build a carb vent line filter / catch can using your swing arm . (intellectual property )

just a quick post on how I'm going to make a carb filter setup for my bike. This should keep the engine from bogging when the vent lines go under water or if they become packed from mud.

Study this pic very carefully .... I have a idea for a carb vent line filter / deep water crossing anti bog deal . There is another hole opposite side. I can get some aluminum square tubing and run it to both holes , seal the tubing in with silver steel putty . Install 5 hose barbs on the square tube and run the carbs vent lines to it . Install a big barb for a small crank case breather filter and mount that higher up in a different location. Put small rubber plugs in the swing arms moisture drainage holes back by the rear axle and pull out to drain accordingly . Any thoughts :)


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 Come on Randy, get out and ride that thing.  I want to see some of your videos.

Come on Randy, get out and ride that thing. I want to see some of your videos.

I have rode three times with it , 98 miles on it :) just trying to get it ready still !

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Step 1:


Will post again when finished ...

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