Ran out of oil(need rebuild) :(

hey guys,


Soo i was out riding my 2000 honda xr250r on the weekend and rode all day and then at one point i was tapped out in six gear and all of a suden she started to bog so i downshifted and pulled clutch in and it stalled. i pulled over and found the oil drain plug on the down tube was gone. :(

i never heard any noises and it didnt seize. it also feels like it still has compression. i did not start it again and was wondering if im gonna have to tear it apart or if i can just throw some oil and a new plug on it and try it out. thx

not sure how much oil i lost but im assuming most of it.

Since it bogged down and stalled, I would think that the cause would be the piston seizing, at least momentarily, in the cylinder. I think I would at least pull the cam cover and take a look at the cam and rockers. If you see damage there, you probably should remove the head and jug and take a look.

Yeah I will try that thx. It's not like it just died quick it kinda just slowly stalled out but ill def pull the cover have a look. Any other suggestions I'd really like to stay away from anything bottom end. Do you think there would be any damaged caused.

Top end is the first to get damaged.  Cam and rockers are obvious, as you've got a lot of sliding loads.  Piston will get hot, expand and seize in the bore. (why it dragged down and stalled)  You may get by with a new piston/bore job.  You may need a new cam/rockers, and possibly a head...  as the cam's bearing journals might be eaten up. 


Best case scenario is a piston and rings. 

Next best, is a piston/rings and bore job.

Next best is the above, along with a cam/rockers.

Next best is the above with a head.

Next best is the bottom end is junked...   but the roller bearings and gear mesh in the bottom end tend to last longer without oil than the piston/rings/bore/cam...  so you may have dodged that bullet. 


Good Luck!

I did this to my '89 due to an oil leak. Purchased a second hand cam + complete valve cover (incl rockers), exhaust valve, 280cc big bore piston and jug. Cost about 3-400 incl gaskets, filters, and oil change. 


Basically my cam got so messed up that the timing became off on one valve and it hit the cylinder, smashing the rocker and bending the valve. Thats what stopped it. Its still going strong after 4k miles even with some other issues. I wouldnt worry a ton about the center cam journal. Mine is VERY bad, because i didnt install the cam holders correctly and it slipped early this year, but after getting that sorted out all is good.

We'll I put some oil in her and fired it up. It's starts but I get a clacking noise that sounds like it's coming from top end.

I'm guessing valve train somewhere. Gonna do a valve set but looks like I have a winter project lol.

Is there any way to upload a video

^^^ His time stamp says 1969???? Hope ur valve train problem isn't severe. -_-

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