Children's helmets

Picking up my sons first bike in the morning for his 4th birthday. Nice lil 50 kdx smoker . Anyways the question at hand is what helmet should I buy. There is no price tag on his safety. But I don't feel at the speed he will be going there would be a need for a top tier arai, 6d or shoei . Go ahead caller , You're on the air . Thnx in advance

Crazy as it sounds, when they tip over they can get hurt just like the rest of us.  6D is probably overkill, but get a good dual density EPS lid for your boy.  If it fits, the new (2013) Fox V1 measures up.  Not sure how many helmets will be available that small, but as you chase him around it will give you some comfort if he is wearing anything but a single layer EPS helmet.  Promise.  

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