HANGTIME! Natural Terrain Big Air Video

Hi all,


I was bored so I found a bunch of clips on youtube (some are from members of this site, thanks!) and compiled them into a video.


A couple are really popular but most are not so I wanted to include clips people haven't seen before. 


I tried to focus on two strokes and NATURAL TERRAIN jumps but there are a few four stroke clips and motocross track clips that I wanted to include. 


Also, not all jumps are MASSSIVE but they have some hangtime to them and that is the theme of this.  Enjoy!



Edited by Dirtbiker Derek

lol i saw a triple from a local track in there

How do I embed the video so it appears on thumpertalk?

AIR!!! :applause:

Woo hoo I figured it out!

Nice vid.

Cool video. That YZ250 at 2.12 is there more of that video?

Hmm I just checked and it seems the only videos I can find of it are the ones I placed in the video.  I did find out his name is Thomas or "Tommy Boy."  Also, those jumps are in Beaumont so if you want to try some searching there is some info to get you started!  Sorry I couldn't provide more videos

Awesome video.! 

Thanks mate!  I'll put up a new video probably every week from now on

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