Dos Mares 500 Pure Baja racing

Alright, time for you all to start planning. The Dos Mares 500 is a race not to be missed. I think that all of you that have been talking about racing down in Baja should get off your laurels and finally do it.

The Dos Mares 500 is part of the National Off Road circuit down here in Mexico and is a 300 mile race that goes in and out of La Paz. It is a great race and if you are interested in coming down, let me know, I will give you a few tips...not that you need it, but regardless I think it would be fun.

See you all down here. And yes Mike, I will be RACING my 650. If you beat me I will buy you dinner. :)


When is it?

DO they have a website?

How do i learn more about the Mexican National Circuit. Are there races in the swamps of Quintana Roo, deserts of Baja and mountains of Pueblo? Or is it just in Baja? Will they PLEASE take over the Baja 1000 and make it a FIM race? I remember you writting about it months ago.

Where are all the Baja guys? And why arent there more desert racers on this site? TT needs a site for race talk.

SO whats the website Sunny-- i am interested in this race and finding out more about Mexican races in general.


I would also like to attend and race, please pass the dates and any other info you have. If anyone is interested in racing northern baja events let me know as I attend most of them. :)

Alright, here goes.

There is a national Mexican off road circuit, which is pretty much in the NW quadrant of Mexico. The best place to find info is on The information can be a bit slow to get on there, but I believe that they have already set up the dates for next years Nat. circuit.

There are also sections with race information for Baja North and Baja South as well as a few other participating states. Check it out and I am sure that you will find what you need. The only thing is that it is in spanish, so break out your translation dictionary unless you can speak the language.

I believe the Dos Mares race is going to be on May 1 2004. It is usually around 500 km or about 300 miles. The catch about this is that they do not start it early, but rather around mid day so it turns it into a day/night race. You should still be able to find last years map on the website.

Anyhow, let me know if you have any more questions and I would be happy to enlighten anyone interested.

See you down here.

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