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swing arm gouge

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rm 250 2006, put on new drive train, got cheap bolts unfortunately not quite long enough and lock nut didn't engage, one came loose and smashed into swing arm.


The gouge is not punctured through but my buddy says its likely something that i should replace.  I can buy one off ebay for hopefully few hundred or so but obviously i dont want to have to do this.  I know its not good to weld mid way on a tube like that but it could also be an option.  Should i be worried about this?  I ride mx and am only getting faster riding harder so im not putting around the farm, just dont want this thing to break on me over time.  Plan on keeping bike for a long time.







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She'll be right mate.  Famous last words.

I have a similar depth gouge from a rock on my KTM.  It seems fine.  Obviously keep an eye on it.

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