Dirt bike Not Starting

Hey guys i have a husqurvana wr250 1995 and after washing is a few days ago it would not start. I checked for sparck and it was no longer getting any so i checked the wires and all seemed good. I have taken the cover over the flywheel off and let it sit in the sun for a few days in my backyard but it still was not getting spark. So i decided to try and take the flywhhel off and check the magneto was all good. I got the nut undone with a rattle gun but was not sure how to get it off.


So my questions are:

Would the flywheel/pickup be the most probable cause for loss of spark.

Also if so how should i get the flywheel off. Is a puller needed.

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Have you tried replacing the spark plug? Usually ignition problems are in the wiring as there's nothing on the flywheel to really go wrong

I have a spark tester that that clips in to the actual lead therefore proving no spark was even getting to the plug. i wanted to take off the flywheel to inspect all the magnets and make sure their was no cracks or signs of damage or moisture that could short it out. I have also tried with a new plug and was not successful.

I would say your barking up the wrong tree


but if you don't have a manual or experience to pull a flywheel   you might not want to haphazardly just start  pulling stuff apart


most manuals have good test procedures to dial in the culprit using a multimeter


and since it followed a hosing I would start by checking the harness connections


and even on some the kill switch  will not let the cdi function so no spark but it will still crank over so a wet control can be an issue as well

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start with the simplest thing first, bet you shorted something in your killswitch.

from there ohm coil, test plug cap test your pickup coil, and so on and so forth, find your main ground and make sure it's clean too.

Sorry but i should have noted this before but i have already checked kill switch,tested the plug cap and gone over the whole wiring harness and everything looks good so i just assumed that some kind of moisture got in to the magnets causing a short and lack of spark. Due to the fact that it is a old bike (1995) manuals are quite hard to come by.

Also i would not pull anything apart until my dad got back from his trip. he is a mechanic and should have the experience to help out with things. Also what did you mean by ohm coil. Is that just the techenical term for coil ?

Thanks for your help so far

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"ohm" is using a multimeter to test the coil


my bike is a old Honda xr from 93  I have found a online manual  paper manual and owners manual all within a few weeks of buying My bike


information is key  IMHO


flywheels going bad isn't common  you should see the ones from PWC's  that have had water in the cover for a long time  and they still function


but it's better to leave it on and test the pickup it will tell you if it senses the magnets

Ok will do thanks for the help.

just because it's plugged in doesn't mean it works. how did you test your kill switch?

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