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Found this on Headshake.

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You guys that know more than this rookie does, Is this correct and make sense to you??? I am trying to learn as much as possible on set up's and tuning. Thanks guys. Zrt





The article is good, and it's important to have a balanced bike, but I think it's equally important to have the correct springs in your bike for your weight/riding style. The article mentions this but I think it understates it's importance. If the springs aren't right, there are a number of reasons why you could get headshake aside from having an unbalanced bike.


The first thing I'd do is re-spring it for your weight, set the sag, go back to stock suspension clicker settings, and put the forks back in the stock position in the triple trees.


By changing all of the settings that the article suggests (relating to compression/rebound clicker settings), you're going to sacrifice good handling characterisitcs for the sake of 'solving' an anomaly.


IMO - do all the things I listed above, then tune to give you the best handling characteristics for your riding style, and if you're still getting headshake - buy a steering damper. I know the article says not to do this, but I have a damper and riding with/without one is night/day. I have confidence riding with one that I don't have without one - it tracks straighter and the front end feels way more settled.

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This article just states half of the truth...


There are various reasons for headshake.

Starting from bad chassis bearings, lose steering bearing or wrong suspension setup.


Assuming that your chassis bearings are all okay and nicely greased, you have to determine whether you got headshake while braking or while being on the gas or in roll modus.


Headshake during braking indicates too much weight on the front (stinkbug) or a fork that dives too much.


The other 2 options are mostly because of a fork, which is too stiff initially or a bike which has a harley chassis setup.

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