What bike should i get?

I'm 14 and 5'8 and 135lbs and I'm looking to get a new bike for next season. I usually ride trails and swamps but i head out to the track once and a while. I'm coming off of a kx 100 so I'm looking at 250 2 strokes but I don't know what brand to go with. I've always had kawasakis and loved them but I wouldn't mind going to a different colour. So what brand of 2t would you recommend for me?

What about a 200 ?

Yeah no shit...nothing like going from a scooter to an R1. That's quite a step up. A second the 200.

The ktm 200 would be a good choice. A 250 will be too much. I would say at least be 160+ pounds to hop on a 250 two stroke.

I agree with 200 im 15 6' 170 and I went from 150f to rm250 2t and almost looped it, I can handle it but your a lot smaller than I am so go with the 200

I've ridden my dads ktm 500 and didn't have any problems with it and I've had a few guys say a 250 would be a good fit for me. Plus, I'm not really a big fan of ktm's..

Have you ever tried a 250? I would strongly suggest trying out a 250 two stroke before buying one.

Yeah I know but I don't really know anyone with a 2t

one route you could go is to buy a 250 two stroke and 'de-tune' it by adding a heavier flywheel weight to make it more manageable, and other small things like that. A 250 would be a lot of power for someone your size. I'm 15, 6'1" and 200 pounds and I've come close to looping my 250 a few times. Also another thing is using all the power. You might not even enjoy riding a 250, you might be fighting with it to keep it under control the entire time. i still suggest the KTM 200, nothing wrong with ktms...  :thumbsup:

Alright thanks for the feedback i'll see if I can get a chance to try one out and see how I like it. i might even end up with a 250 or 310 f instead a smoker

yeah, a 250 fourstroke would probably be pretty good. If you do get a four stroke make sure its been maintained REALLY well, and its relatively new, 2006+...  :ride:

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