What goes here?!

Guys, I've finally got my Honda XL185 gearcase assembled, however before I put the clutch on something caught me eye.


There is no mention of it in the service book.


What threads into this? I can't imagine Honda left a threaded hole for no reason...?



I think there was a post on this exact thing in the xr200 forums recently, and the verdict was nothing went there. Double check to be sure though.

I think it's an alternate location for a different detent arm.  possibly the 6 speed XR185/200 model 

Might be the end of a shift fork shaft and is threaded to help with removal?

Thanks for the replies guys. It would make sense if it would be used in another model, as the XL125S definitely has a different arrangement in that area.


@ Goatbrother definitely not threading from the inside of the case. As everything inside are just shafts running in blind bores or in bearings, cheers though.

I ment inside the shaft so you could insert a bolt and pull the shaft out.

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