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Another bike not running...?!

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So I just got done refurbishing my 1986 honda xr250r... I bought it not running and the guy said it had a broken connecting rod, but I took the head off and there was just an adjustment rod bolt stuck in the cam shaft...

Anyways, I put the engine back together, I reused the metal gasket but used that black gasket seal stuff.

-I cleaned the carb because it was getting sticky when opening and closing, so it looks and acts new now. And cleaned the air filter.

-I have checked for spark, its a bit dim but its there.

-I don't have a compression tester but im going to try to put my thumb on the spark plug hole and have someone kick it to see if I cant hold my thumb there. I tried kicking it with my hand over the muffler and there is air pushing out.

-a main concern is that the kick start is really easy to push, like it has very little resistance.

-also not sure if gas is getting to the engine... I tried kicking it with choke open and closed, tried giving it a little gas, but the spark plug was dry when I pulled it out. Gas is flowing through the fuel filter...

The guy I bought it off of said it was runnin 4 months ago from today... I still have his number. So any suggestions? I really cant figure this one out :blink:

Lol any help is appreciated!!

Thanks guys :D

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Your best option, given that you don't know the bike's history except that it's almost 30 years old, would probably be to tear apart the whole top end and put it together as meticulously as you can. 


If you can barely see the spark, could that be part of the problem? 


I doubt you would have so much trouble if you bought a two stroke :)

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Ya I just put the dang engine back in... haha I didn't wanna take it out.

And I wanted a four stroke to make it street legal :p haha the lovely state of "screw me hard Illinois" isn't fond of two stroke street bikes. If it was just for trails I would buy a two stroke in a heartbeat!!

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