polaris predator


i was told i bought a 2006 polaris predator 500. on the plastics it says 50 year anniversary from 1954 to 2004. i dont think reverse came out until 05 or 06. anyone know about these years? Also what cheap mods can i add on besides k&n air filter, jets and exhaust


I was riding my quad, predator 500 and it lost all its torque and power. it would only stay running if i had the throttle pinned. ran very bad was popping and backfiring. my battery is shot ive had to jump it recently. im afraid it slipped time because it never had a tick now it does, at least i think. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Reverse was added in '04.  As far as cheap mods are you asking about performance mods?  If so, everything else will require engine modifications such as porting the heads, big bore kit, etc.  This is a photo of my '05 Troy Lee edition.  It has an older White Brothers Carbon Pro exhaust (loud), a Rath Racing header, Fasst Flexx handlebars, K&N air filter, rejetted for the exhaust and filter, A-arm skid plates, air scoops for the radiator, and Tusk nerf bars.




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