2005 KX250f rear shock swap to RMZ

I have used the search and I am tring to find one post with the information I wan't.  About a year ago there was a post about improving the rear suspension on an 05 by using a RMZ450 rear shock.  I just need to know what year modle was used.  Got the bike down for some upgrades and I should have wrote down in my notes the comment about the rear shock mod.  Can anyone help me find that needle in a hay stack post or may have the information I need.


Don't say get another bike, got 5 bikes and my son and I love it.  This is my son's #1 bike. 

You can just pull the shock and see if it fits..... The valving will be too stiff though.

05 rmz450 shock body is the same as A kit.  You will need to have a different lower spring cup machined because it will not fit around the swingarm area. Maybe call PC for help on that one. The shock is also a little longer but makes the bike instantly updated. You'll also need to do some grinding around the top shock mount for clearances through swingarm travel, as well as relieving some of the flat frame area around the shock bladder with a punch or drift. It looks like there is enough room there, but will rub and maybe bind during a hard ride. All in all, if you have the right lower piece made, it takes only about an hour to do all what I mentioned above.  Valve to your liking.  


But then the front of the bike will need to be upgraded because it will feel soooo soft. We had Racetech superduper in the front forks when we installed this shock and it was toooo soft, even after having the fork valving stiffened like 5 more times, lol. We bought our shock on ebay for 60 bucks.

Thats the information I was needing.  Thank you very much.

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