Zeta engine plugs

When installing these plugs am I able to take the large side plug out with out oil leaking out? Didn't want to unscrew it and have oil all over the ground. Thanks

It definitely will leak oil if the bike has been sitting for a while. Not sure if oil will come out right after the bike has been ridden. But you can always lay the bike on its side to change the plug.

Break the plug loose before you lay the bike over because the engine plugs can be a little temperamental sometimes (they like to become one with your side cover).

before you start with the allen key and strip the hex on the stock one, spray some PBblaster on the plugs' circumference. then ride the bike and warm it up, then let it cool, then spray it again. do this 3-4 times over a week, THEN try removing the plug. 


if it's seized, STOP. get a chisel (at 45 degrees, pointed for lefty loosy) and a hammer and take your time. a few whacks and the oxidation will break free, and it will spin out with the allen key again. 


if yours is easy, at least someone else will learn from this thread :-)

Lay the bike on it's side. It shouldn't leak. If it does it should be minimal. :thumbsup:

thanks for the tips guys!

If you lean the bike over, you will not lose any oil.




Boy am I glad I read this first.  I didn't think oil would be in with the alternator.   Thanks!

Another hint would be to add grease or anti-sieze to the threads of the new plug before reinstall.

Pics when they are on!

how do you get the stock o-ring off of the big plug to put onto the new zeta plug?

how do you get the stock o-ring off of the big plug to put onto the new zeta plug?

Like a thin flat head screwdriver or somthing similar,  just move it enough to where you can slide it off. 

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