2011 450 Pop,Cough,Quit

I have a 2011 450 with a Rekluse clutch and the heavier GYTR flywheel. I have not altered the mapping and primarily run pump fuel while on occasion I will run some VP U4.4 through it. Also I have run both my stock pipe and a Yosh full sytem. My issue is that my bike occasionly will backfire slightly and stall in a slow corner where the clutch is engaged whether I let the Rekluse do it's thing or I pull it in manually. It has done this with all the combinations of pipes and fuel I mentioned so I don't believe any of that to be the culprit.Also it will be very difficult to start when it it is warm sometimes but not consistently.  One of the reasons I put the Rekluse in it was that I seemed to be stalling the thing way to easily in slow corners and I absolutely love the clutch but obviously I have a underlying problem. Does anyone have guidance on whether maybe I need to alter my mapping or maybe I have some other issue related to fuel delivery?

OK I just read the other thread very similar to mine just down below and see some info in there that definitely applies to my situation. My condition is definitely the throttle chop and then back on.

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