1995 KLX250R Spark Plug Tool?

Hi, new to this forum.  I have a 1995 KLX250.  For the first time in years it wouldn't start for me.  I went o remove the spark plug to check for spark and what a nightmare!  Is there some sort off special tool to remove the spark plug?  I ended up useing a 3/8" universal extension btwn the rachet and plug socket which took about 20 mins to get the plug out.  There HAS to be an easier way!

Welcome to the world of overhead cam 4-strokes. It is actually easier on these models than some others I have been around. I have a 99 klx300 which I assume is about the same as yours. I have done it two ways. I use the factory supplied socket tool and a box end wrench over the top to loosen the plug and then screw it out with my fingers. Not easy but dooable. Now, I use a craftsman spark plug socket which is a little shorter and a socket ratchet to loosen it. You can use the ratchet to loosen for part of the removal but not all the way because the tank is in the way. I use my fingers after loosening because I think it is easier. As a last resort you can remove the tank which exposes the plug.  I know it is not fun but after you do it a few times it is not so bad.

I had to literally drive my spark plug tool over my spark plug to get mine out of my Mojave (250 ohc liquid cooled ATV) . I tried a thin wall snap on.a craftsman thin wall...and a mac socket..before I just drove on the spark plug tool that came with the quad....and it also wore off the outside edges of the tool as I removed and replaced the plug..... I would have thought they would have machined or vast a little more room in that area????

That's crazy, would a socket with a wrench end fit with one of those box end ratcheting wrenches? Even that might be tight...

You definitely can't get the ratchet on the socket.  There is basically just enough room to slip the socket in but the ratchet is too wide.  Seems silly to have to take the tank off (which requires taking off the side plates and the seat)

Hope my post did not indicate I take the tank off to remove plug. I have a socket and ratchet setup that I use. It is not to tight to get it loosened up but if I tried to totally unscrew the plug all the way it would jam up against the tank. As I stated I use my fingers to finish removing it and putting it back in. I have a klx300 so I do not know what clearances you would be dealing with on a 250. 


Sorry for the confusion.

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