DR650 NSU-Fix Goof? did I cause a problem?

gang I have a question for you smart 'wrenches'


somewhere I read a post titled something like "lessons from the NSU fix" ... can't find it; shoulda bookmarked and didn't.


I worked on my '97 model awhile back to secure the nsu fasteners. I replaced the clutch basket, and have a new clutch cable installed [the old one frayed at the case and fell apart].  Ever since this 'combo fix' I have had trouble with grindy/gritty 1st gear shift and 2nd gear shift.  Adjusting the cable at both ends to "Perfection" and beyond had no effect on the issue. its not the cable.  I mic'd the plates while i had the basket off and they were "spot on" the middle of the range.


what I'm wondering is if I goofed something.  its been awhile and a couple of the notes in the thread I misplaced have haunted me.  One was the orientation of that big "pin" that sorta floats in the case divider [what is that thing called?]  to me, in my memory, it had no particular orientation and I recall that bugging me at the time. it seemed to move freely either way but the thread poster [one of you?] said only one orientation is correct.

The other issue was simply not matching the fastener - getting one too long. I recall worrying about that since I could only find a bolt that was either too long or too short, but the long one seemed not to be an issue ... it wasn't THAT long and there was nothing to interfere with on the other side that i could SEE... that's the problem.... trying to understand something I don't have any skill at.


is it possible my shift issues are due to one of these issues?  The other thing I noticed that's diff is that the "drop" from 3rd back to 2nd seems stranger & more pronounced since doing this work.  its like falling off a cliff if you can imagine.


all help greatly appreciated. I plan to open it up today and have a look.


Could be the pawl needs adjusted. I assume it's adjustable.

pawl?  is that the big plastic pin that sits behind the clutch plates?

another question: the clutch plates themselves appear to be the same on each side: does it matter the orientation?  I'm pretty sure I kept the stack as is when I reinstalled, but I mic'd several of them individually and checked for any unusual wear or whatever.


I noticed yesterday, just moving it around to air tires [i have a bad tube] and such, the Neutral indicator is flaky... it works intermittently.  not a good sign

oops sorry wrong machine. Check shifter parts for correct indexing or bent parts.

The neutral light should not be flakey. Maybe your longer screws bottomed in the holes and are not holding the sender securely. As for the dragging clutch, this CAN be caused by overtightening the clutch basket nut. Use a torque wrench on that one.

can someone tell me the proper orientation of the clutch rack release ?



i have this foggy recollection of that thing not being 'firm' in its seat [is that the bearing?] when I pull those plates its the first thing I want to check.  Will also turn the bearing for wear signs


what could be causing the Neutral light to come and go? it will flicker, go on sometimes, not others...

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