Vortex ignition?

Anyone have experience with the Vortex ignition on their 450? I just bought one on E-bay after my JD Tuner crapped out. Wanting to know how guys like it and how it works with other modifications to the bike? Race fuel, high compression piston, performance cams, and so on. Looking forward to getting it. I have run one on a two stroke back in 99 and it was good,but you didn't have all the different maps the Fuel injected bikes have plus the tuning like a carb!

You talking about the 10 map ignition? Never ran one on the 450 but did have one on my 250 smoker for a while. It worked well but not worth the money for my 250 2 stroke. Wish I had one for my new 450. It would be amazing! Just can't scrape up the funds for that right now. You should love it.

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Yes the 10 map! It came today and I got one paper and it gives the different maps other than the best power and traction maps it's pretty vague. Wish it was a little more detail oriented.

Just go out and try them... the maps I liked on my 2 strokes were the maps that everyone else hated. They are easy to select and best to use trial and error. You will notice the difference between every one of them. 


Unfortunately if you want any custom maps you will have to buy both the Software and Hardware kits if I remember correctly (I never bought them for obvious reason... You're looking at another like $800. The maps on it are really good though. I would try them before you get rid of it or spend any more money on other products. Thats the reason that I will go with a cheaper kit like the Yosh PIM2 or PC5. You may even be able to send it out to have someone program it for you if you want any custom maps.


If you have any questions I can try to help, but the 2 stroke application is probably quite different than the 4 stroke set up.


I gave a very vague answer because I'm not exactly sure what you are having your doubts about. In the end I think you will be VERY happy with the Vortex. Its a good set up.

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