I'm in a tough situation

I am about to rebuild the top end of my 1984 xr200r, and I need a new gasket kit, no questions asked. they are leaking and have probably been reused before I touched hands on the bike. I can't get a set locally, nor can I find much on eBay. Is there any cross over gasket kits that fit my rfvc motor? The only thing I can see the xr250r rfvc being different is the gaskets that surround the bore. Correct me if I am wrong?


What type of material would be the best to remake these gaskets by hand?


My new parts show up this week and I'd really like to have her running by next week.

You cant really make a head/base gasket yourself. Couple reasons. 1: its going to change your compression if you make it the wrong thickness and 2: Its going to blow out easily. other gaskets should be fairly easy to make. get a sheet of gasket material and use the old gaskets as a mold.



Theres a seller on ebay with the head and base gaskets for sale.







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