Anyone have measurements for the swingarm bolt bushings that are pressed into the cases?

From my reseach it sounds like these changed in 2002.


Would like to find the OD (mating surface) and the flange depth.  I need to make some new ones for a motor swap, which I will provide details on later.


Also what size bolts did the YZ250's use?  15mm and 17mm?


Thanks in advance!

If you are doing a yamaha to yamaha. You can swap the bushings in the case up to 2001 and then the pivot bolt went to i belive 17mm and the bushings won,t fit the case. but you can bore out the older ones to the larger pivot bolt and there is still pleanty of metal left.

Not doing a Yamaha to Yamaha.  I'm adapting a 2006 YZ motor into something else, and basically need to re-make those sleeves to a different overall width and narrower ID.

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