2000 Kx 250 bouncy suspension

The rear suspension seems a little too bouncy, and the compression screw refuses to tighten anymore. Any suggestions??

back off the compression and increase rebound. then get an online manual from this site somewhere...

Compression is at the top of the shock and rebound at the bottom of the shock. Click the rebound in a few clicks will also effect your compression so do rebound first. If your bike is bouncing a lot and you increase your compression to the point of being closed your bike would likely bounce as your slowing the suspension from compressing. If you hit a bump and the suspension does not compress quickly enough it will kick the back end.

I would count the total clicks available for instance 20 clicks total and then put it at 10 in other words down the middle. Do this both top and bottom and take a ride.

If the bike is bouncing then increase your rebound 2 clicks in (clockwise) at a time until it becomes comfortable.

This should be a good starting point.

Then do your homework on setting the sag etc. Search and read on this site and learn how to make your bike work. Its free!

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