crf150f short clutch lever

I am looking for a short clutch lever for my 150f.
Online they are calling them "shorty" they are 1/2 the length of the stock lever.
When you google it you will come up with one result from a lot of diffenent sites Manufacturer Part#: 1CDHA67 
but when you read the small print you will realize that it is actually the standard length of the stock lever.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. thanks



I have only bought them in sets.

Clutch and brake.

I don't think they are available separately ?

where did you get the set?

are they called "shorty" levers?


Any motorcycle shop can order them for you from parts unlimited, tucker rocky, western power sports.

Yeah but that doesnt really help me. i checked parts unlimited and the only short style lever they had was the same part # that i have been talking about that is labeled wrong.

I have a short one on now and love it but its black plastic and i wanted to get a polished aluminum one.

Anyone else have any ideas?

I installed a Moose short clutch lever on my 2007 crf150f.

well the part that i was talking about is a Moose shorty clutch lever but i contacted a few sellers for that item and they said that the item has been changed to a stock sized lever.

Do you know what the part # is for you lever?

We purchased this one from Cycle Gear for about $25. Nice feel, adjustable, well made. MSR brand.




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