My new rm 125

Hey guys after selling my YZ 125 months ago I decided I wanted a dirtbike again. So i spent a few weeks searching and finally I found a nice RM project. Its a 2008 RM 125. I paid €950 for it. It had a new top end (saw receipt) along with most of the bearing. It needs a set of tires, chain and sprockets and a couple of misc items like new airfilter and grips etc. I took it for a quick spin and blows my old yz away. The power is awesome. It also has a DEP silencer and I think the front pipe is too, Although its got a slight crack but I'll get it welded Anyway enough chat heres a couple of pics. (beware)

The tear down begins

Looks like you got ripped off. That looks like 2001 or 2002 model. The rear number plates and rear master cylinder are the indicators.

Im fairly sure the 10th digit is an 8.. which means is 08 right?

Yes, for US models. How many digits are in your vin?

I can't tell by the pictures, how does the front brake line run to the caliper,,,,,are those front forks yellow?    I hope You didn't get lied to,,,,,,as long as You like it,,,,,,,,good luck..........Dr.D..

The front brake comes down and under the fork lug. I'm beginning to feel this isn't an 08. Ill post up the vin at the weekend as I barely have anytime to work on it as I'm at school till 5pm. Can anyone tell me weather theres any differences between 03-08 rm 125s? 

Also the left rad is a bit bend but it doesn't leak thank god. Pretty much every bolt will need replacing as they are all mis-matched.

Im glad I decided to strip it down as its in fairly poor shape. The top triple clamp nut was only finger tight :banghead:  Also the chain had slipped off and grazed the case so a fix is required there but some chemical metal should do lovely. 

Don't expect any drastic mods as I'm 16, at school 5 days a week and could just afford the bike  :thumbsup:  But things like spraying the frame, new air filter & grips, tires, chain & sprockets will all be done along with some cleaning.

Thanks for looking and ill post some pics at the weekend.

Based on the front brake line, it's a 2003 or older.  2004+ have a different routing.

I think its a 03, i don't really care about the year just p*ssed off that the guy lied to me and convinced me that the vin made it a 08. If theres one thing i hate its liers. 

Oh well not much I can do now. Thanks guys

Anyone know the differences between the year except the brake line route? I searched but couldn't find much.

Cleaned up the silencer a little (i found a new rubber groumet for the mount) WIll post more pics later on when I finish work. Any tips for cleaning rust of a bare pipe


Here's the differences between the 2002 and the 2008 that I know of. I have both bikes.


They look very much the same but!



Top end porting


Exhaust valve

Ignition coil

Reed block

Air filter box

Rear suspension linkage

Swing Arm

Rear shock

Fork Internals

Rear brake master cylinder

Triple clamps

Foot pegz

Rear brake calliper

Rear brake line

Rear disc rotor

Seat (02 fits 08 and Vice versa. If you replace the seat get an SDG seat, great value for the $$)

Fuel tap (Same fuel tap. Just turned around on the 08)

Side plates (02 fits 08 and Vice versa)

Fork guards (02 fits 08 and Vice versa)

Front brake master cylinder

Front brake line (08 fits 02. Honda 04 CRF 250R fits even better and is routed like the 08. Same on the Honda and 02 Suzuki 125 where the brake line connects to the master cylinder. If you Intend to use a head light get the 250X brake line)

Sub Frame

Rear brake peddle

"Some" After Market brands of pipes and silencers are different throughout the 2000 and up models. Not sure if the stock pipes and silencers are differnt between the 02 and 08.


Free Tip! When buying a new clutch kit always get the OEM clutch kits and clutch springs. After market ones aren't as good in the 125's. No matter what the brand name is.


Front suspension was last changed for the better in 05 as was the top end and porting (Pretty much copied KTM 125 but took out a bit of the mid range hit). If buying an RM 125 It's always best to try and get an 05 model and up if possible. 06 to 08 are the same bike. Nothing changed other than cosmetics.

As mentioned though. As long as you're happy with the bike, All Good :thumbsup: . Sux you were lied to but It's not like the 02 model was a Dud.


Here's what you can do with an 02 model, a little creativeness and Imagination.

You can also fit a 2010/2013 front guard and number plate, Head lights don't go well with the 2013 guard, hence why I use the stock front guard. I'm obviously building mine for XC. It'll also be a 144cc. My top end is at Eric Gore's in the US ATM.

I paid around the same as you in AUD (Aussie dollars) but yours looks cleaner than mine was. Engine in mine was totally rooted as well :rolleyes: .



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Dude..... Thanks sooo much :thumbsup:  :thumbsup: Your bike looks sick!

Yea the engine seems stronger than my old yz so I'm not really bothered

Is the front pipe/expansion chamber a stock one? It doesn't seem to say DEP anywhere on it?

The right hand rad is bent but doesn't leek and the left one is a GMX rad. 

I have it stripped to the frame but the linkage that bolts to the frame has welded itself stuck. 

The parts list so far is : chain and sprockets, air filter, tires, grips, fork seals

A few bearings are questionable so todays job is to clean all the bearing and see how they feel.

I think this just explains itself.... :banghead:  :banghead:

Can't really see the pipe well enough in the pics. Is there 2 spot weld marks on it at the fattest point of the pipe ? If so it might be a Pro-circuit pipe with the badge missing.

Im thinking its a standard pipe...  it has the writing about not for highway use etc.

I patched up the hole in the casing today. Also found out the swingarm bearings are completed f'd so they have been added to the list.. This will be a slow project :lame:

Yeah. It'll be a stock pipe for sure.


No, that linkage kit won't fit. you need one for the 02/03.

the 03 had a specific powervalve, different from any othe year.

Looks like that linkage is gunna get cut off the frame, hopefully minimal damage. Pity the previous owner was a complete twat.

Waiting for money to come into my account before I order parts. Cant wait to get it running again, might try and get it done for the winter series and enter my first race!

Before you cut away at the linkage etc have you tried to heat it up with an Oxy? If that fails get a hammer. If that fails get a bigger hammer :smashpc: .

just cut the bolts... no need to cut linkage. cutoff wheels are great. i personally have an 02 and it's about the balsiest 125 i've rode in a while, done mild porting, changed the squish and vforced it, along with the sst fmf and a true shorty silencer. made a custom spacer for the header to move the power down in the rpm a touch. etc. little things.

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