All you TT'ers with YZ Timing

:D To all you w/ YZ timing..........What difference did the YZ timing do over the WR timing? Now that it is winter I mostly ride MX tacks and have recently really noticed the wide ratio timing. I am constantly stuck between gears. Do I take it in a high 3rd or a low 4th?? :) Would YZ timing help me at the track?

Does it help on the trails? :D

Sorry for so many questions :D

Thank You :D:D

YZ timing is great. It gives you more of a mid range and top end hit. Basically, the bike runs like a YZ426F. I love the mod and highly recommend it.

I am not convinced it will help you on the problem you are experiencing. It sounds like you are having trouble at the track with the WR wide ratio transmission. This transmission is set up for trail riding rather than track riding. To fix this issue, I think you should pick the gear you want to be in going up the ramp, then, change sprocket (either up or down) to get the right gear in the sweet spot going up the ramp.

Ditto -I agree with wrkaholic.

The yz cam gave me better throttle reponse, mid and top power.

Sounds like you need to change some gearing.

Just as a note I tried a 13 tooth frt sproket and could not beleive the difference it made.INSTANT THROTTLE RESPONSE, pulled every gear way better, could snap the frt wheel off the ground anywhere anytime. Definitely better out of the corners too! Basically it becomes more like the yz450 with the lower gearing. just use 2-4th gears .

I could circulate the whole track in 3rd and 4th. :)

I use my WR for motocross and haven't changed my gearing at all. I don't like to wind it out on jumps so on faster jumps I use 4th and lug it. Your bike should have plenty of power even at low RPM to get you sailin. Mine's a 400 and still has enough power. Course I only weigh 150 lbs. If you're a really heavy dude it may not be so easy. Just don't ask some guy with a CRF which gear he's using to clear the double cause it won't apply to you. :D

YZ timing is the way to go. Makes your bike more responsive and not so lazy feeling. :)

I have a different view from these guys with regards to YZ timing. Since we are both at altitude, I think it helped a lot in the situation you are describing. I actually ride 1 gear higher on most of the trails now after switching to YZ timing. I think the stronger mid range narrowed the gap between gears for me anyway, at least I don't feel it as much. I am geared stock.

I didn't notice any low end loss but a significant mid range and top end gain and much quicker throttle response. The bike gets on it much quicker and revs smoother. I don't feel it performs like a YZ though because of the heavy flywheel, wide ratio gear box and extra weight. It still feels mellower to me compared to a YZ.

Try changing it and see how you like it. If you decide you don't like it, change back. It will take much less time to change back once you've been in there and changed the timing and know what to expect. It's very easy.

Thanks Guys for all the replies. :) I think I am definately going to try it and see what I think.


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