Lucas Oil Conditioner

Anybody using this in there 650l?

I dont but if someone does I am very curious to, something like slick50, I've had good luck with it, just don't know how it works with wet clutches

Lucas oil sup is basically really thick base stock oil........if you want thicker oil go to a 20w50.......i was using STP for awhile as i was advised to..don`t think it was worth the time/expense.......slick50 crud is a teflon treatment,use that in a wet clutch and you better like changing clutch packs........


I`d stay away from any additive in these bikes........these engines were designed to run on oil developed 20+ years ago,,any motorcycle oil sold today will be leaps and bounds above the spec needed for these your money and just change it regularily..



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I normally run amsoil 10w40 but switched up to 20w50 awhile back and the pig seems to like it. Runs cooler and stronger. Will drop back to 10w40 when it starts to get cold. I plan on running it this winter when the roads are bare or the snowmobile tracks are hard enough.

I have always run 20/50 in it here in the desert...I tried some really did make a difference in engine noise. I have run lucas in my Harleys for years, but since this is my first dirt rod I wasn't sure. But so far it seems to be working great..

I run the Lucas synthetic oil additive with Amsoil 20/50 , at a 10 percent ratio . No clutch issues , XR600

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