Street Legal Requirements/state specific for XR650R

Hello... I'm new here, after just buying my 7'th Honda in my life.. I bought a "brand new" 2003 Honda XR650R.. I say it's new because the previous/original owner NEVER rode it, as you can still see the chalk lines on the original tires.. Amazed at just how brand new this 10 year old bike is..My goal is to get it titled/tagged, so I can "ride to" wherever I want to "ride it".. I live in GA, but near the TN line, and wondering if any of you knew the process for, TN, GA, or SC (as I have family there) and can possibly get someone to help me do this in TN also.. Supposedly GA, is near impossible, regarding getting the dual sport title, to originate here.. If I buy it from someone, after it's already titled as a "dual sport"/street legal machine, I'm good.. they'll allow me to "inherit" the classification.. The bike has never been titled.  Thanks in advance for any guidance you're able to provide! 

Many states now if the MSO has for off road use only your F--Ked not going to happen! You will just have to go to tag office and ask.

If your MSO or paperwork does not have the for off road use only then just take paperwork to tag office and play dumbass but do not say DIRT BIKE! You might be able to slip buy dont say you are converting it nothing! I bought one of the first Suzuki DRZ400E the off road model I was in at shop raced for them they put paperwork with big stack that went to tag office and they did not catch the off road use only and got tag! They tried it again and got cought! All they said was paperwork got mixed up!

BTW that was FLA

Thank you a ton for this great information.. I'm seeing clearly, it's a tall task.. I'm glad I enjoy challenges!! Haha..  Since I posted this yesterday, I've learned I had it backwards, GA is the easier of the 2 states to make this happen, not TN.. Neither are "easy" however, to say the least.. Here in GA, they do something called a "bonded title", but the statement on the Manufacturer statement of Origin (MSO I think they refer to it as), is surely what makes this difficult.. All I can do is try, just hate to go to all the expense of Baja dual purpose kit, etc.. if I will end up unsuccessful.. I don't gamble, but it's looking like I'm about to start!! Ha..  Thanks again..

What pisses me off is you can build a custom chopper and get tag for it. What it was that people was getting tags for quads and riding on road so states just stopped any for off road use only.

Just check before you buy kit you dont want to waste your money. I have done the HIGHLY not legal thing on CRF250R put dual sport kit on it got a frame one ebay for a XRL250 got tag put on CRF that was in 06 a buddy bought it still has it no problems as long as they dont check VIN!

Good luck

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