Fork rebuilding?


Just picked uu a 93 kx125 for my oldest son. The front forks are shot(leaking, clunking/banging at full drop). Was wanting to have them rebuilt, wanting to know where would be the best place to go. Ive thought of TBT out of Olympia, or Devol in Enumclaw. Any sugestions? and or thoughts? thanks

Dave at TBT will get them done right for sure.

Gotta throw mine in for Les @ LT Racing in Port Orchard.  Great guy!

Les at LT is always my suggestion

To be honest, and not trying to disparage anyone's shop, but rebuilding forks back to factory specs is very easy and only takes a little time (maybe 30 minutes per leg).  You probably don't have the special tools that the manual says you need, but in my experience I have only ever needed one special tool and that is the eight sided socket to remove the upper chamber on my '06 YZ250 forks.  I was skeptical about doing forks myself the first time, but after watching several youtube videos and reading the manual a few times, I don't hesitate to tear into them now.  If I had the ability to charge my rear shock with nitrogen, I would be doing that also.


For a '93 Kawi, you would probably only need a seal driver, and that is easily fabricated with a piece of PVC pipe from the local home store.


Now, if you are looking to get the suspension custom setup for your son's riding, then by all means get it to a reputable shop for the fine tuning.

I agree that you need to decide whether you're going for "stop leak/stock" or improved ride ... and if improvement is your goal, I also would recommend TBT (Dave in Oly)

Just had my KDX's forks done by LT....he did awesome work with my forks. He was honest (didn't replace parts just because he would make money off of it) and his prices are very fare. I'm going to use him again to do a set of KX forks going on another KDX!

Thanks, im taking them to LT tommorw.

GOt them back from Les @ LT racing, and they work great,and Les took care of us! Thanks Les

GOt them back from Les @ LT racing, and they work great,and Les took care of us! Thanks Les

Good to hear!

My shout out as another happy Les customer for my Marzocchi Husky forks.

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