Xr plastics on an xl

Anyone know how well they fit, my main concern is the gas tank, mines rusted to crap, I can fix it if need be though

So Im missing both side fairings and the rear fender, not only do I really like the look of the new stuff, but its cheaper

I already have an xr600 seat, mine is shredded, it won't fit, it clamps different, I'm sure I could get it to work though, what I can't fit is the front angle its not made for my gas tank. With some rigging can I fit an xr tank on my xl though? I'm sure I could work with the side fairings if I get this to work.. or is this something that hasn't been done and maybe I should bite the bullet and give it a shot, I can get a plastic tank for 30 bucks, it'll cost me at least $17 to fix the rusty tank

Yep,,well you know the seat won't go,,The tank I'd say would be an experiment..I tried to put one on my XL when I had

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Well, on the xl it slides onto those little rubber mounts, which I'm also missing on my second bike, whatever this would cost.. from the pics I was looking at, later model xr's don't look like they have the rubber slide over mounts, looks more like it bolts on from the side, and I can't tell how the rear is held, but if I need to I'm sure I could weld on little pieces of metal to accept the mounts, big thing is, the xl is a dry sump, so that center rail under the tank is huge to hold all the oil, aren't xr's wet sumps? Which would mean the frame would be skinnier on top so the tank wouldn't fit over it?

Yep well I just did an edit on my previous post and half what I wrote's gone..I can't be arsed re editing it.


I say go with the project if you are prepared for a bit of messing around and work,,engines/frames are both the same in the oil system..The XR seat to tank mount and positioning are the main issues..Gas tanks can be heated slightly and re moulded to fit over anything..Yep XR tank uses metal rubber mounted brackets,,XL,,round rubber grommets on the frame,,Not a problem to sort that with a few bits of metal welded to the frame..Sidecovers,,mount different..it's an issue but can be overcome with work.

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You can make anything fit! This is proof CRF230L tank,side panels. yes some welding etc.Not easy but can be done. Its on a 650L


Hi, I have an '83 XL600r. The previous owner had put a plastic tank from an XR on it, tied it on front and rear with paracord. He had a chunk of yellow foam between the tank and frame to support it.


Although I thought the tank looked good enough, the attachment system wasn't for me.


I welded two tabs on the frame with holes in 'em, fabbed 2 hooks out of allthread and bolted them in from the front. The hook ends go into two small brackets that bolt onto the tank. When tightened, these pull the tank forward and down.


For the rear I made a J-hook out of some flat stock, the hook attaches to the rear of the tank. The other end bolts up to the tank attachment on the frame.


To cushion the tank on the frame I sliced an old radiator hose and shimmed it up front and back until I had the correct angle and clearance. I then put a large hose clamp around them and the frame and tightened the hell out of it. These cushions have not rotated or moved since I put them on.


The seat is original to the bike, and it doesn't cover the bolt hole on the back of the tank nor does it transition well, so I cut a piece of foam floor pad to "extend" the look of the seat. It worked out well.


I'll upload some photos later if I can figure out how.


Have fun with the project!

Hey thanks for that, I would greatly appreciate pictures! If you need any help figuring out how to get em on I can help ya, if you have a smart phone its very easy with the tt app

Hey thanks for that, I would greatly appreciate pictures! If you need any help figuring out how to get em on I can help ya, if you have a smart phone its very easy with the tt app

Photo 1: Though it's an XR tank on an XL, I think it looks ok.


Photo 2: The PO's idea of attachment method. Worked, but I needed something better.


Photo 3: My rear bracket. It attaches to the frame nicely. I have since painted it and replaced the yellow foam with my radiator-hose cushions.


Photo 4: The piece of foam I cut and glued to the tank to hide the mounting hole in the tank and create a better transition for the seat.


I will shoot some photos of the front mounting system and post within a coupla days.


I hope this helps!





Nice! Well im glad to know its not something to hard to do, so ill go ahead and get that gas tank, just gotta make sure it matches the xr seat I already have, the pics are great, look forward to seein the front mount system, and I dont think it looks half bad either, maybe just a matching color, thanks!

Oh and I would have been nervous with that string holding it on too

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379459920.692471.jpg

This is one of the small brackets I welded to the frame and the "J" hook I made from allthread as a front attachment point for the tank. Shown is the right side, seen in the background is the nut on the left side. For reference the gas tank is on the left and the front fender is on the right.

Haha thanks for explaining how the pic was taken, when I was first looking at it it didn't make sense, now it does, but wow, I like that :) I'm gonna buy that tank on eBay I was watchin now!

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