buying kdx 200 some advice?

I've been trying to get my hands on a mint kdx 200 for a while now. I came across a 1998 for $1,200. First off is this a good deal? also what problems should I look for? The owner says he has owned it for about 7 years and he has ridden it only a few hours a year. He never put a new top end in or changed the clutch, tires, chain or sprockets. Should I worry about this? I know KDX 200's are some of the most reliable bikes ever made but I don't wanna buy a lemon and have to spend $1,000 rebuilding the whole bike. I asked about the title and he said they never issued them but he does have the certificate of origin. I would like to run the VIN number and see if it was clean and I could possibly register it. I live in CT. Thanks a lot for the help!

Look at the visible maintenance items. Chain and sprockets wore out? Brake pads? When held level is there oil at the middle of the sight glass on the right case? Is the plastic good? It wouldn't be a bad idea to pull the seat and look if the filter has ever been cleaned. I also like to grab each tire and wiggle it side to side to see if the bearings are loose. If the little things like these are ok, then likely its fine. If ridden as little as he says it would likely not need a rebuild for 100 years.

$1200 is not any great deal, I've seen super clean mid-late 90's model go for $1000, ready to ride.In fact a buddy recently got a street titled 95 for $1k. It is mint with lots of nice upgrades!

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