Warrior won't STOP turning over....anyone have an idea what the problem is?

I wrecked my warrior last February and bent the axel pretty badly. The quad sat for a while and I forgot to drain the gas out of it, so when I finally replaced the axel it wouldn't start. Cleaned the carb and went to go start it, but it wasn't starting....when I pulled my finger off the start button the starter motor kept turning over. I then turned the key to the off position and it was STILL turning over.I pulled the key COMPLETELY OUT of the ignition and it was still turning over. The only way to stop the starter motor was by disconnecting the battery completely. 


Has anyone ever had this happen before or know what it is???


I'm thinking its either the solenoid or the starter relay. I don't think it can be the relay if the starter motor is still getting electricity when the key is completely out of the ignition. Am I correct in thinking this or no?


Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!





You have something (probably left handlebar) bent so bad that you have a "false" electrical connection somewhere. Could be an easy fix or a nightmare, only time will tell. Good luck!

I will definitely look into that thanks.


However, I tried starting the quad before I replaced the axel or cleaned the carb, so I could move it from my shed to my garage (it didn't start I had to push it to my garage) and it wasn't doing this. I also tried to start it before and after replacing the axel and it still wasn't doing this. It wasn't until trying to start it a couple different times after I cleaned the carb that this problem started.


Could it still be that the connection went bad when I rolled the quad? Perhaps I moved something around between the time I cleaned the carb and the time I tried to start it up afterwards?


Also my bars aren't really bent to much...maybe when it flipped the controls smashed a rock just the right way?

Sounds like a stuck starter solenoid!

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