First time 2-stroke and KTM owner

Hey guys, as of today, I'm the proud owner of a 1999 200 EXC. I got her after coming off of an '05 CRF450X. I've wanted to own a bike of this sort ever since I've started riding, and it was in great condition for the year, so I just couldn't pass it up! Besides a 50 SX from when I was tiny that I barely remember, I've never owned a 2-stroke before, so if anyone has any tips for someone like me besides the obvious stuff (mixing gas, etc.) it would be greatly appreciated! :ride:



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Damn it looks brand new!

Make sure the jetting is spot on and a good rear tire! Pirelli mt16 is my fav

I have a 2004 ktm 125sx, I don't know what differences in stuff you would use, But I use amsoil dominator 2 stroke oil, bel ray 80W gear saver gear oil, engine ice coolant, I'm running 32:1 as far as pre mix setting. A good thing to do is get a air filter kit, (air filter oil, cleaner, etc) And keep that air filter clean. I made it a habit to wash the bike after everytime I ride it and clean the air filter everytime I goto the track. Also I make sure to check the chain make sure it's adjusted properly, clean it and lube it everytime I ride. Since you just got the bike i'd suggest pulling the wheels off and regrease the axles and wheel bearings. It was so hard to get my wheels off because the axles had alot of corrosion and stuff but it's all good now that i've cleaned and regreased everything. I put new wheel bearings in the rear cause they were destroyed. Also the chain adjustment bolts might want to remove them and anti seize them etc because it's common for those to get stuck and it's hard to remove them if they do.


Also don't be scared to try a top end rebuild on one. I've never done anything to a dirtbike besides the basic maintence. I was about to take it to a shop to get the top end redone but everyone told me how easy it was to do everything. One of my friends said "Take off the seat, gas tank, exhaust, radiator hose, side plastics, and just pull the head/cylinder off and swap pistons etc. It took me 2 hours to completely remove the top end, Ordered the correct piston and everything. Put it back together the day the parts came in. When I got done I was so glad I did it myself instead of paying a shop $225 to do something so simple.



(I just read where you said besides the obviously premix etc but I already wrote that stuff so i'm leaving it. Lmao!)

Best thing is maxima super M 2cycle oil 40:1 ..... or any other maxima oil

After going on my first ride with it tonight, I'm very impressed with it! It has all the power I'll ever need while at the same time being very noticeably lighter and better handling than my 450X. I'm also surprised at how little use it apparently got. It's still on the original front tire from 1998, and my friend said that the engine sounded almost new (I can't really say with my limited experience). Apparently the owner was some college professor who traded 3 bikes in for a streetbike.




This is your jetting chart.

AS= air screw (turns out)

IJ= idle jet (pilot)


POS= clip posisition on needle (from top)

MJ= main jet

The chart is based on a ratio of 50:1 with pump gas (91).

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Thanks for all of the info everyone, I appreciate it!

Nice! I just picked up a 2000 200EXC the beginning of the summer and I love it!! It's the best woods bike I've ever rode. 


Get it street plated! ;D  


Good luck

That's going to be a fun bike for you. Jet it right for your type of riding and get a manual. I picked up a 1999 250 exc awhile back and it's a fun ride.

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