Please help

I just bought a yz125 yesterday and it was advertised as a 2001. It looked like a 2001 to me so I didn't question it. However, upon looking at the vin on the motor, the 10th character on it is an 8. What's going on?

Fenders are easy to swap.....and the upper triple clamp and number plate off of a 2000+ yz can be swapped onto some of the older 96-99 yz... its easy to make a 98 look like a 2001.


I wouldn't worry about it though, its pretty much the same bike mechanically. 

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So if I bought engine parts for 2001, like a cylinder and stuff, it would work on this bike?

The vin on the frame not the motor is where you need to look

if you are concerned you have a Frankin-bike and dont know what year your engine is.... go to and look up the OEM part # and compare them with your current part numbers. Once you find a match you will have a good idea of what year the engine is. Try and check both the cylinder and bottom end parts, since those can be interchangeable.  

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