Engine noise

Good evening people.

My DRZ runs great after I finally sorted out the carb (enricher spring removal did it), but I'm still bugged

by a noise that I don't know if it's normal or not. Imagine a small hammer sitting on top of the engine, that

with its vibrating would tap tap tap on the valve cover. That's as near as I can describe it. I checked the valves, no problem, the bike has only 2500 kms on it. This noise gets stronger when the engine is toiling, and almost goes away at constant speed. Any ideas ?

Your auto-decomp assembly rattling around.

Good God, what should i do ? I have no trustworthy mechanics around here, and what the search

returned as to removing the damn thing seems a little over my top, or maybe it isn't too difficult to do ??


Edit : Well, no use whining, tomorrow i'll try to pull the cam out and then i'll post what i find.

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It's very straight forward to remove. If you can set your motor at TDC to check the valves this is no harder. If you do end up removing it, your battery is going to have to be in good shape to handle the extra compression.

Well, i got it out ! Nothing equals this feeling, becoming enabled, independent...just great. Thanks Brandon, and

thank God for Thumper Talk, those of us who live in distant parts of the world would have a hard time without you guys.


And here it is, the pin seems not to be broken, but really the noise must be coming from here.


On the first pic there's this small cylindrical part that got me worried about having its neighbour fallen somewhere into the engine,


but it doesn't fit into the opposite hole, so i guess (and hope) it only lives on that side.


Now I'll go to a machine shop and have them take the bloody thing off.








Edit :Got it off and here's the result, now just put everything back together. It'll be nice not to hear that

rattle anymore.



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Please let us know if that fixed your noise, I'm about to do the same this weekend if I get my hands on a dremel and some spare time.

No time today for a ride, putting it all back was time-consuming. But I can confirm what others

have said about the starting, much more prompt, you don't even get to hear that awful noise the starter

usually makes, touch the button and it's running, very nice. Also has a throatier sound, and no clack when turned off.

I must note however that I always leave my battery on a Ctek charger.


As soon as I take her out for a spin I'll report back.

Well, nope. The noise is still there, but it suddenly hit me, it's the infamous carb slider rattle! I had

this problem twice already on two Yam XT 600's I owned, on the last one I had a pair of teflon pistons

made to replace the stock ones, and the noise disappeared. I believe in this case, due to the shape of the

piston (as opposed to the cylindrical ones on the Yam), this solution is next to impossible. But i guess

a pair of thin teflon railings could be inserted, as there must be enough play there for this. Especially since teflon has

 next to zero friction.


Nevertheless I am glad to have peace of mind regarding that pin that could break off and damage

the engine.


To anyone attemping this mod i would strongly advise, as already stated in the FAQ concerning valve work,

to be extremely careful not to drop anything into the abyss where the chain lives (or anywhere else for that matter), because then, as someone

wrote, men holler, women weep, children flee, dogs howl, and the earth trembles.


Oh and do have a good battery.

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check the left side casing where the stator is one of the bolts could be lose and its touching the fly wheel

i had that then it screwed up my stator costly repair

Do you have to drain the oil to do that ? And, do you need a new gasket ?

no just lean  the bike rightover and you will be ok

just remember there is a bolt inside the starter housing

check the bolts for looseness and if you can loctite them in there there is 6 allen key bolts and they are known to work loose shear off and trash the stator


so check that as i have had that noise too but i missed it untill it happened

and remember the way it came out especially he little washer on the starter cog



Thanks for the good info, will check this out, however this particular noise definitely comes from

the top.


And btw, the pin part has a little brother that could be equally mischievous, it was embedded on the

shaft and I almost reassembled leaving it there :crazy: .



If there if any parts fall down the chain gap it's right side case off to search for it, there's no where else for it to go, also have you checked shims and covers as if you have a loose one it can rattle.

If you want my opinion just make sure your oil and water is ok and ride it, mine is like that and it's ok you've just lost your confidence in it that's all

I was the same after my son filled my engine with water down the exhaust and didn't tell me for 2 weeks so it sat in the garage filled up with water so you can imagine how many time I took mine apart

Turn the idle screw up a bit and you won't notice it

Take a look on you tube there's bikes on there with 300 miles on with noises, I think it's just the motor that's noisey , so don't worry just ride it

I'll agree with you that if you want your DRZ to sound like a vacuum cleaner you'll never ride it, however.


I guess strange noises can mean trouble ahead and should definitely be paid due attention. Especially if well-meaning

family members are around, hehe.

There's a good video on YT about this, it's called 'stock DRZ engine noise' or something similar, and it's a guy who recorded the noise his

brand-new machine makes for future comparison, and it's the usual clacketty clack. Many relieved people made comments ;) .


I suppose if it runs well there's nothing to worry about, but I'll still be trying to stop that carb from rattling

in due time.

Yes you will ! every time you take your bike out but every time you ride it you love it and eventually you will get used to it

It's normal I've accepted it!!

To such wisdom i can as yet but aspire...I'll be a happy man the day I totally relinquish

anything with wheels. Probably not until I'm sitting in something not very amusing with four.

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