PSA - Camelbak tubing works in a pinch, but remove ASAP

First mistake - I had a little plastic inline fuel filter.  I had just purchase the bike, and there were a couple specs of something or other that I couldn't get out of the tank, so I thought a little filter would be just the thing.


Second mistake - took that blind corner to a drop way too fast. When the bike and I went down, the cheapo filter just snapped right off. Fuel everywhere, 2 miles into downhill singletrack.  I thought I was screwed.


First good idea - Camelbak tubing. I started to get out some duct tape I keep in my pack and realized the water tubing would work perfectly. And it did. cut a piece off, popped one end on the petcock, the other on the carb.  I thought I was a genius.


Third bad idea - Rode the rest of the day with no issues. But, little did I realize that the hose was degrading and slowly clogging the piss out of my carb.


Anyway, The next ride, my bike was really hard to start and wouldn't idle. On throttle, it worked okay, but pull the clutch and let of the gas and it was a dead engine every time. I was worried that I'd done some real damage.  I pulled the main jet and the pilot today. There was some stuff in there that looked like honey. Cleaned it out and she starts right up. Glad (hopeful) that nothing got messed up too much.  So the moral of the story is - Use camelbak tubing if you jack your fuel hose and it's an emergency, but get that shiz off there asap and clean out your carburetor. 

exact reason i no longer us in-line filters. (there is a filter in/above the petcock already). I was leading a Vet B harescramble 2 seasons ago handily. Motor dies like i'm outa fuel less than 2 miles from the finish and i lean against a tree and see fuel flowing from the busted fuel filter..

Now i'm SPENT at this point, can't hardly see straight but my buddy in SrA stops (i had gone by him earlier) and asked "what's wrong"  .. i yell out "need a fuel hose ! " He yanks his breather tube off his fuel cap and takes off.. I'm lookin at it like "ok, now what".. then it dawns on me! i pull out my multi tool from the camel pack and pull the busted pieces out of the 2 ends of the fuel line, shove the overflow tube in, and turn the fuel back on, smallest of leak but it's workin.. fire the bike up and still finish 4th in class.

I HAD a breather tube on my fuel cap but didn't think to use it. And cool thing is it's fuel resistant.

I stuff a few zip ties under the cover of the crossbar too. If i had to make that work longer, i woulda zip tied the 2 ends tightly around the breather hose.

I ran out of fuel.

My friend popped off his fuel line and parked on a bern to refuel me from his Mobil fuel station the XR Valdez. It destroyed his fuel line he's all !!! see what I get for helping you !!! I fixed him right up with the old cammel bak or well different brand tubing. This was 3 years ago its still on the xr650 today. He says he likes it and doesn't see any reason to change it.

Maybe what ever brand pack it is used better tube?

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