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250X vs 250R shock valves

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I just bought a set of stock 250R takeoff shock/fork springs.  Should fit my 200 pound bulk better than stock 250X springs.


The owner was kind enough to include new fork seals and a shock valve (must have goldvalved) for free in the box.


Just wondering if there's a difference in the 250R and 250X shock valves.  My guess is they're exactly the same but with differing shimstacks.  Thought I'd ask just to be on the safe side.  I'm not above revalving - so if there's anything of value here I might tear into it.  I know the fork seals are a nice find.  No leaky seals, but I'll be in there sometime.


edit:  Mods - if this belongs in "suspension" please feel free...

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I had an X previously and found the valving in both the front & rear to be way too soft. I even put correct springs in it to match my weight and still found the suspension to be over-stroking.


I would expect that the R suspension should be stiffer but I've never ridden one so I can't say for sure.  If I had kept my X I would be doing exactly what you are doing-swapping to the R suspension and then re-valving if necessary.

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